Make a Little Golden Books Collage

One thing that is so exceptional about Little Golden Books is the illustrations are so very nice and colorful.  If you have a few too many Little Golden Books, an idea for a craft project is to make a collage.  This is fun both for adults and children.
We created our collages on thick artist paper (300 series Bristol) and just used glue sticks to clue the pictures to the board.  After that was done, we glued our collage to a backing board.  The backing board can be any sturdy board (a good use for those election signs we see).  You can also use foam board or artist boards (chipboard).  You don't have to use a board, but it makes the final product flat.
Some hints:
If you cut close to the detailed edges on some of the pictures, it gives your collage a little bit of dimensionality and uniqueness (see Cinderella's dress far right or Captain Hook's hat for examples)
Lay out the pictures before you glue them.  You may want to overlap them or cut them in certain ways to enhance the transition from one picture to another.
Rip the book covers off before you start to make cutting easiest.
Here is our Cinderella collage:
Little Golden book collage
If you like this you can download the larger versions:
Cinderella collage 8"x6"  about 1 Mbyte
Cinderella collage (13" x 11") about 2 Mbytes
Peter Pan Collage (click to get to larger image which is ~ 2 Mbytes)

Peter Pan collage